Ensure peace of mind with our robust installation

Engineering • Procurement • Construction

We offer robust Engineering solutions coupled with effecient procurement and brisk construction.

Our team of qualified engineers will counduct a site inspection to determine terrain, structural requirements, and solar power generation capacity to suggest the best solution based on your requirements. We provide detail proposal with project timeline. We negotiate with local and global vendors to source the required material at lowest cost possible. Installation process starts as soon as required material is procured and appropriate site inspection is done. Efficient and hassele free installation of solar stucture and solar panels with electrical is ensured by our team of on site engineers. Proper grid connectivity & subsidy paperwork will be completed by experienced agents.

Throughout the whole process our experienced agent will make sure you get the paperwork to gain the government subsidies you qualify for.

Operation & Maintenance

We make sure that your solar power plant runs at its full effeciency.

Our maintainance contract includes monitoring your solar panels, keeping a track of energy generation at your power plant and carrying out any maintainance required on site. Our propritery monitoring system allows our qualified engineers to remotely keep a track of your power plant performance 24x7.

One of the prime reason the solar panels do not perofm at full efficinecy is that they accumulate dust and environmental elements over time.

For power plants that are 1MW and larger, we assign a develop a team dedicated to carry out operational maintainance of your plant.


We build your grid connected solar power plant and provide support for all the legeal requirements.

You have the ownership of your plant.

EPC Expenditure is your responsibility.

You can claim tax benefits by creating a depreciating asset.

A dedicated team of qualified engineers would handel required maintainance.*


You enter into a Power Purchase Agreement with AMS INC which will reduce your monthly electrical expense.

We own the plant and you get electricity produced with benefits.

You do not make any investments in building the plant.

We handel operation, maintenance and technicallities of the plant.

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